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Level 3 Produce your DIY website

This is a user-friendly platform to edit your Life Story website.  Our specialist instructor will get you through the process. You can design with image, text, video, blog plus other social media networking. You will be proud of your trendy production.



4 Sessions (2 hours / session) (稍後開班)

L3 4 節課 2小時/堂 共8小時  2-4人 小組開班   $3400

Level 3 Produce website DIY



> 挑戰新技能就是活化認知能力,


> 把自己心思意念整理,


> 與時並進, 時尚地去表達


> 設計存取編輯自如, 得心應手, 


> 無須外聘專業人員操作更新!


> 分享自己引以為榮的傑作

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