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Level 1 Fundamentals of OWM Program

Getting to know the fundamental factors towards Older & Wiser Stage of life. How to minimize the risk of dementia and depression? You can have a forward living life without the burdens to family care-givers.

你可以怎樣越年長越有智慧,減低認知障礙或晴緒抑鬱症狀的危機? 你可以有自主的精彩生活,不必使家人粗心照顧。 

8 Sessions (2 hours / session) (稍後開班) 

Uncover your story 探索你的故事

L1 四個單元 8 節課 2小時/堂 4-6人小組開班     $1920


Level 1 Uncover your story


Remember Me 記得我是誰

Face up our fears and values – I am valuable


每天裝備和前進, 活得滿足!


Proud of Me 感到自豪的我

You are a special gift – I am remarkable

回望人生走過的精彩,百般滋味, 你怎樣分享傳承你的心志?

Brighter Me 我係腦右記

Wake up your passion and creativity – I am joyful



Understand Me 明明白白我的心

Feelings and empathetic listening – I am vulnerable



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