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Mable Au-Young
心靈啟導教練 Life Coach

Purpose & Profession

I found out that many people are curious about psychology, yet they are unable to spend their time span for self exploreation and understanding. Thus the purpose of Older & Wiser Me program and Website DIY are to let you have a laser appropach for motivation and satisfaction.

我發覺有很多人對心理學很有好奇, 卻難有時間在生命階段裡花精力去自我探索和認識,

所以「越大越智慧」課程和個人網頁設計, 就是要精準簡明地讓你有自學的興趣和滿足感!

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香港分析心理學㑹前會長 2008-2011

香港調解員 2015

美國SYMBIS婚姻評估認證執行師 2017

Points Of You高級認證教練培訓師 2019


她的人生下半埸使命, 就是弘揚廣傳家庭教育與婚戀成功秘笈,造就更多幸福家庭.



Since 2000 Buddies Station

Mable LAM is a personal development trainer and a corporate coach in both Hong Kong and China. She founded Buddies Station in 2000 with a mission to serve gifted children and those with special educational needs (SEN).

林歐陽卓纓女士是一位個人成長導師,中港企業培訓導師,並從事心理輔導及教學工作,重視身心靈的整全人格。於 2000 年創辦了「和孩樂重拾學習興趣啟導中心」,為資優學童及特殊教育需要學生提供全人發展及學能訓練。

2008 and 2011, Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology

Between 2008 and 2011, she was the president of the Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology. Mrs. Lam has expertise in Jungian analytical psychology, dream analysis, art therapy, sandplay therapy, and applied NLP in education. Since 2004 she has mentored psychology undergraduates in their career preparation and development.

2008 至 2011 年間擔任香港分析心理學學會會長。林太擅長於榮格分析心理學、夢境分析、藝術治療、沙遊輔導和 NLP 的教育應用。自 2004 年起爲多間院校督導心理學系大專生,作育英才。

Since 2015 Ageing & Spirituality

She is also an instructor at the Institute of Active Aging (PolyU) on the needs of the aging population. She stands for harmonious relationships and family building, and is highly capable of managing the challenges faced by children, youths, married couples and the aged in their respective life stages. 


2015-2018 Mediator 

The Greater Bay Area

She is also an accredited general mediator of Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre, professionally trained in family mediation. Recently, she dedicates her efforts for the youth in creating opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.



since 2000


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