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How it works


In therapy, dream analysis provides a safe and non-judgmental space to explore and look deeper into the meaning of your dreams. Through discussions and analysis, new insights and information arise. This newfound knowledge can be applied in a meaningful way to your life.

An experienced therapist specializing in dream analysis can guide you in understanding the psychological significance of your dreams within the context of your life.


 通過討論和分析,新的洞察和資訊會浮現出來。 這些新的認識可以有意義地應用於您的生活中。


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Jungian Approach

Jungian dream analysis focuses on the dreamer's perspective to analyze the messages hidden within dreams. It recognizes that dreams are an expression and creation of the unconscious mind. This approach incorporates the technique of amplification, which explores universally recognized and shared unconscious thoughts in dreams. Jungian analysis also explores archetypes and how dream symbolism reflects the collective unconscious.


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